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Jackson Foundation

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The Jackson Foundation, Inc., is a non-profit corporation founded July 7, 1995. It is located forty miles west of Nashville in Dickson, Tennessee. The institution began its mission as The Jackson Foundation on July 7, 1995, after operating as Goodlark Regional Medical Center since 1958. The Foundation carries the name of the three brothers who founded the hospital: Doctors L.C., William, and Jimmy Jackson, MD.

The Jackson Foundation, Inc., is governed by a ten member community Board of Trustees overseeing its direction and mission. The operations of The Jackson Foundation are guided by President/Executive Director Douglas S. Jackson.

The mission of the Jackson Foundation, Inc., is to motivate and educate children and adults through the use of technology in the area of the arts, science, and humanities. It is the underlying conviction of the foundation that education is the most significant investment that is made to improve the future of our community, our state, and our world.

 The Foundation is guided by these statements of principle:

All children can learn and deserve an educational experience that helps them realize their full potential.

Children and adults are naturally motivated to learn when their educational experiences are challenging, personal and have nexus and practicality to the world in which they live.

Communications, technology and computing represent a tremendous potential for making learning more productive and engaging.

Teachers, like other professionals, deserve the opportunity to continually learn and improve their practice and should accept the responsibility for how best to teach the children in their charge.

Family and community participation in all aspects of a child's life and learning are essential to the moral, educational and ethical development of a child.

The rapidity with which society is changing requires that all students, young and old, help to develop an appetite for learning that will last throughout their lives. It is The Jackson Foundation's belief that technology and innovation can positively impact a wide range of students crossing social economic lines and enhancing their educational experience.

  • Renew an enthusiasm for learning by making education challenging, unique, exceptional and inviting.
  • Enhance traditional teaching methods with hands-on activities and interactive programs, equipping students for real-life applications
  • Utilize the latest computer and communication technologies to attain superior educational results.
  • Maximize the student's capacity for learning by encouraging the entire family and community to participate in the learning process.
  • Develop a consortium between government, private industry and community for educational advancement.
  • Continually develop new, innovative learning opportunities that encourage personal as well as community development.



FHU | Dickson

@ The Renaissance Center

Classes Begin Fall 2014

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We're closer than you think! (about 35 minutes from downtown Nashville / just 15 minutes from Bellevue!) Map & directions.

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