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Creative License



Creative License is a series of shows about the arts, artists, and art education across Tennessee. Told in magazine style format, this program features stories about the unique people and personalities who create the arts. We focus greatly on how art changes the lives of people - those who create it and those whom it inspires.

Creative License is produced by TRC Media, in partnership with the Tennessee Arts Commission. TRC Media is the television production arm of The Renaissance Center, a non-profit education facility dedicated to the fine arts and music. 

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NEWS: 8 More Emmy Award Nominations for The Renaissance Center!

The Nashville/Midsouth Chapter of The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) announced their Midsouth Regional Emmy Award nominations on Thursday, November 15, at a Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI) party on Nashville's legendary Music Row.  

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences is a non-profit, professional organization dedicated to fostering excellence in television. The academy has 19 chapters with 15,000 members nationwide. The Nashville/Midsouth Region encompasses the States of North Carolina (except Asheville) and Tennessee, and northern Alabama.

Some Creative License Episodes:

Creative License Episode 211: Plein Air Memphis

It's a style of painting that became all the rage with many Impressionist artists in the late 1800s. "En plein air" is a French term that means "in the open air"...painting directly from nature, where changes in light and scenery force the artist to work quickly and with great focus. These days plein air painting is once again the rage, as artists rediscover the joys and challenges of immersing themselves in an environment and then sharing that experience with us by way of paint and canvass.


Creative License Episode 210: Arts in McNairy  

Coming into McNairy County, the scenery is not at all surprising for rural West Tennessee. Cue the farmer on the tractor and bring in a background with long, golden, rows of soybeans, and now, you have a country scene you might expect to see in a painting. And that seems quite appropriate if you know McNairy County is among the most aggressive communities in the state when it comes to promoting and preserving visual, folk and musical arts. 


Creative License Episode 210: Artists in Residence

We're heading to Chattanooga. And we're not the only ones. Not long ago, artists from around the country and around the world were drawn to Chattanooga by the city's bold experiment- offering financial incentives to create an arts community. That incentive program gave artists a good reason to come...and now, they have a good reason to stay.


Creative License Episode 210: The Simple Life

There are some artists who get caught up in the complexities of their craft. They may study the intricacies of style or symbolism. A few may try to find themselves by analyzing the minds of the masters. And there's nothing wrong with any of that. But for a certain artist in Cheatham County, art is really not all that complicated. Harold Lovell just paints what he sees. 


Creative License Episode 208: A Small World

A lot of creative people like to think really big. But you're about to enter the world of an artist who has found success by thinking really small. Using a gift he believes was divinely granted, Simon Jackson carves and constructs miniature homesteads from times gone by. The detail is dazzling. Jackson's work captures both history, and the heart.  


Creative License Episode 208: Music Maker

Host Barry Scott is grateful that the arts are always a part of his life...with acting or directing in theater...and also music. He enjoys playing guitar, piano... a little trumpet as well, and likes to think he's pretty good at it. But Barry is quick to confess there are some professional players out there who can humble him pretty quickly. Now imagine a man who not only has the talent to make music...but is blessed with the skills to make the musical instrument as well. Gene Horner is an artist who cuts and carves blocks of wood by hand, shaping them into works that can make your heart ache, or your toes tap.



Creative License Episode 206: Poetry Out Loud


Say the word "poetry" to a teenager and our expectation is that eyes will roll, followed by a yawn of anticipated boredom. Prepare to be surprised, because we're taking you to a competition where poetry is celebrated and appreciated as a living expression of thoughts and emotions. The reciting voices are young, and their passion for poetry is contagious. 





Creative License Episode 205: Urban Shakespeare


When host Barry Scott directed a production of "Romeo and Juliet" in a contemporary setting of urban gang violence, he had no idea that the setting would hit very close to home for one of his young actresses. She learned that sometimes art has a profound way of intersecting your life.







Creative License Episode 205: Metal in Motion


This story is about a person who was truly affected by art... the art of nature. Give Yvonne Bobo, of Memphis, a gust of wind and streams of sunlight, and she will break out her welding torch to build you something that works in partnership with it.  





Creative License Episode 209: Drawn to Faces


Let's face it -- lawyers are sometimes unfairly stereotyped as cold, ruthless people who create conflict for money. But we have evidence to the contrary. Allow us to introduce you to Exhibit A -- Nathan Evans, a Chattanooga attorney whose humanity comes through not only in his love of family, but for the emotion he expresses in his art. 





Creative License Episode 208: Self Portrait


If you were to spend time with noteworthy people who are subjects of portraits painted by Michael Shane Neal, we would no doubt feel honored to meet them, and, and maybe even a little nervous around them. But Michael's gift is to look beyond the prestige, to paint not just a physical likeness, but to somehow capture the heart and humanity inside the person.





Creative License Episode 207: Playhouse on the Square


The curtain rises in Memphis to spotlight a man who is synonymous with theater in the Bluff City. Like many artists, Jackie Nichols took a turn in his younger years that unintentionally led him into what would become his lifelong passion. He ended up immersed in theater, and has never looked back. 




Creative License Episode 206: Classic Country


One of the many gifts artists give us -- especially folk artists -- is to keep the past alive and present. That's where Roy Harper plays a role. Whether it's with his voice, or with a paint palette, Roy conjures up a time machine that transports us back to a time of train whistles and a life of riding the rails.  





Creative License Episode 206: All Dolled Up


We've all viewed paintings and other works of art that where we find an emotional connection. But what did that painting mean personally to the artist? After all, that's where the journey of artistic expression. For Beth Edwards, feelings of "happy", "sad", or something in between seems to flow from her fingers. through her paintbrush to the canvas, and into our minds.































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