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Student Resources

Educational Web Sites for Students Get homework answers from volunteers within 24 hours. Submit your question, and you will get a specific answer. Many subjects are included.

argaiv1365 Are you on a timetable? This site has a schedule to let you know if an expert is currently online to answer questions. Very subject specific, this site offers you a teacher in your specific subject to help. Get a personal immediate answer to your homework questions, or just read questions other students have submitted. You may have the same question they did! Ask Jeeves for Kids allow you to ask any general knowledge question. If he doesn't specifically have the answer, the closest matches will appear. Is it C-H-E-I-F or C-H-I-E-F? The grammar lady knows. Ask any quick questions, or browse previous answers. You can even have papers read and corrected, but it will cost you. Take a practice quiz or play a learning game. It can all be found on funbrain. Learn and have fun at the same time. Get advice from the real experts: kids. These students are successful in school, and they can tell you some of their best tips. Need a science fair idea? Would you like to make your own cartoons? Learn about the science behind your favorite sports or activities, or just ask a question concerning science online. Do you really know how long a minute is? Do you know what objects sink and float? Come and learn about physics, biology, and other science topics in a totally fun way. There are lots of shockwave games that give very realistic experiments! The Science Museum of Minnesota has lots of fun activities to offer. Make your own mirage flipbook, see real video of inventors in action, find fun activities from different cultures, and trace the migration of butterflies! This site has wonderful interactive games! Program a remote control, find out how cellular phones and the Internet work, and much more! Test your knowledge in basic biology or chemistry, or get some help with math or science topics. You will get immediate feedback on your quizzes! See real live eagles in their nest right now at Reelfoot Lake State Park! Some elementary students at St. George's Day School in Germantown, Tennessee developed this site about eagles. There are other neat things to learn about eagles at this site. Assemble puzzles that show interesting desert animals. Send a desert postcard to a friend. Learn about desert plants and animals. Find really cool drawings and animations of the different systems in the body! See what happens when you eat your food! Read articles written just for you. Things going on in the world are put in terms you can understand. There are fun things to do and contests, too! Are you stuck on a division problem? Just can't understand those decimals? This is the place to go. Dr. Math will answer questions you submit, or you can see archives of questions other students have gotten answers to. Most common questions are already explained. This site gets an "A+". Find math, reading, and English, or look up sites about colleges you may want to attend. You may just want to have fun, and there is a link for that, too!

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