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Many people are not yet aware of the possibility of borrowing money on the internet or have the idea that this is not safe. Borrowing on the internet is very common nowadays! The majority of people choose to take out an easy loan on the internet. The online loan providers are independent companies with daily loans and they are simply controlled by the government. When you want to take out a loan with these loan providers you will be surprised that borrowing money is so easy to reach. You do not have to leave the door anymore, but you can arrange your cash advance loan directly online at with a few mouse clicks.

Effortlessly borrow for expenses

Being able to take out a loan online brings many benefits. For example, mandatory agreements and waiting times are a thing of the past and it is now possible to take out a loan at any time of the day. Even in the evening or at the weekend. Moreover, a loan application often costs you only 5 minutes. You do not have to answer questions or justify yourself and you do not have to send papers. Borrowing is, therefore, easier than ever. By following the next steps you can also immediately take out a loan:

– First of all, it is important to find a good loan provider on the internet, you can find providers by searching with Google on terms like ‘online loan’, ‘fast loan’ or ‘mini loan’
– You make a choice for a particular provider by comparing it well on the basis of the conditions
– The application is very easy with the help of an application form that you can find on the website of the loan provider
– You often receive a direct message about your application, by text message
– How fast the money is on your account differs per provider, in general, the money is transferred to you the same day, so you can spend your money immediately!

Borrowing for expenses is possible! In this way, you too can ensure that you have money directly available for your expenses!

Mortgage debt consolidation

Have you longed to live in your own home? So far you do not know exactly how to realize this dream of having your own home? With a mortgage loan from MaxCredit you are right. Based on an analysis of your personal situation, we can tell you what opportunities arise for you.

Inform yourself quickly and free of charge

Inform yourself quickly and free of charge

We are able to create an individual offer for your mortgage irrespective of your house bank. Take advantage of our experience in real estate financing, many of our clients have been able to fulfill their dream of owning a home with our help. You do not have the capital to finance any incidental costs such as brokerage, taxes and notary fees? Also in this case, we can help you with words and deeds and eliminate these bottlenecks.

The majority of private individuals who wish to buy a house or a condominium finance the purchase of the property through a hybrid of equity, personal contribution and debt in the form of a real estate loan. The equity may consist of savings, the balance on a call money account or other bank balances. In-house services are understood as the manual activities which the client himself can carry out during the construction or during a renovation. Often the client is supported free of charge by relatives and friends.

For example, a real estate loan can be given by a bank, a building society, intrasavings bank, provincial development agencies, insurance companies and, in some cases, private loans from friends or family. In particular, all types of remedial measures or conversions that serve to save energy are often supported by the Land Promotion Institutes and the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau through particularly low-interest loans. A home savings loan can also be applied for at a building society.

Financing forms for mortgage lending

Anyone who asks the bank or building society for a real estate financing, receives numerous information about the different forms of financing. For example, the institutions differentiate between annuity loans, repayment loans, forward loans or full-erred loan.

An annuity loan is a financing in which the installments payable are the same over the life of the loan. The annuity rate consists of an interest portion and a repayment portion. With each installment paid, the interest portion decreases, the repayment portion increases accordingly. In contrast, in the repayment loan, with each installment payment, the interest is recalculated to the remaining loan amount, which reduces the loan installment after each payment.

For both types of loan, the loan amount is fully paid off at the end of the loan term, which is why they are also called full repayment loans. However, no special repayments are possible during the term and the monthly rate is relatively high compared to other real estate loans.

Here you can get further tips on real estate loans.

However, there are also annuity loans where the interest rate is fixed only for a certain period of time, for example 5 years or 10 years. After expiry of the fixed interest period, so-called follow-up financing takes place. This provides the borrower with an opportunity to review other offers for mortgage lending or to negotiate a more favorable interest rate with his previous lender. Frequently, a forward loan is concluded before the end of the fixed interest period. This loan will be paid out to the borrower for some time after closing, but it can secure a fixed interest rate 1 to 5 years before disbursement. For a small interest premium, follow-up financing is thus secured at a lower interest rate and the borrower can calculate his financial charges over a longer period of time.

Hedging and costs of mortgage lending

Hedging and costs of mortgage lending

Credit institutions, building societies and insurance companies granting a home savings loan demand collateral in every case. The security is usually provided by the registration of a mortgage or a mortgage in the land register. The mortgage is always independent of the loan granted, while the mortgage is registered only for a specific loan.

In the case of a landlord’s debts, only one entry in the land register will be made, while the landlord’s letter will be issued a landowner’s note. The registration of the land charge is made by a notary, the costs borne by the borrower. Thus, the notary fees and the registration costs for the mortgage count as ancillary costs of mortgage lending. Other construction costs are the land transfer tax, construction permit costs, development costs and any costs for a ground survey for a new building. But also brokerage fees, costs for the architect or civil engineer or renovation costs when buying a property are among the construction costs.

Debt restructuring

A loan is usually settled in the form of monthly installments. However, it is often possible to replace a loan early. But what is the exact procedure?

Credit Loss: Shapes

A loan repayment is possible in different variants. This is usually either a special repayment, a debt restructuring, premature loan – peeling or even simply to the regular procedure for the end of the contractual maturity.

Depending on what exactly this is, the process varies.


It is best if the possibility of special repayments was recorded in the contract; otherwise a prepayment penalty must be paid.

A special repayment does not replace the complete loan agreement. This is only a partial amount, the amount of which is recorded in the contract. Usually, in many cases at least one free special repayment per year is possible.

If no special reimbursement has been recorded in the contract, it may still be possible to make such a payment. However, the credit institutions here require a so-called prepayment penalty. The fee is charged because the bank incurs a loss of interest due to the early payment. It should then be recalculated in advance, whether a special repayment is still worthwhile.

debt restructuring

debt restructuring

Here, a new loan on more favorable terms triggers the previous loan.

For a loan that has been paid off for some time, it may pay to reschedule it. This means that the old, existing loan will be replaced by a new loan that offers a lower interest rate.

First of all, the various loan offers of the various banks are compared. Then you select the loan that offers a favorable interest rate as well as other benefits, such as free special repayments and a variable repayment rate. Thereafter, the desired credit can be requested from the bank in question. As soon as the provisional loan commitment has arrived, the actual conclusion of the contract takes place. With a successful lending now only something has to wait until the loan amount has been transferred to your own account. This makes it feasible to replace the old loan. Of course, the regular, monthly installment of the new loan must not be forgotten.

own funds

An early loan repayment with own funds is always a good choice.

However, a loan repayment can always be made from their own resources. For example, it may have been inherited, so it is now possible to pay back the loaned amount in a single amount. This eliminates the monthly installment and leaves more money in the account.

In such a case, the best way to talk to the bank and to ask for the currently remaining balance. The credit institution can subsequently determine the exact amount at a specific date. Then it is only necessary to transfer the sum in question.

Planned credit release

This is simply the full repayment of the loan as agreed in the contract, usually in monthly installments. Accordingly, the maturity of the loan has been reached and the last installment has been paid. Further actions are therefore not necessary: ​​there is no need to talk to the bank in this regard. The loan is thus a thing of the past.

Type of loan

Type of loan

Depending on the type of loan, the loan is wound up in a different way.

When repaying a loan, the respective type of loan must always be observed. Usually it is feasible for an installment and a discretionary loan and a mortgage loan to dissolve the contract at an earlier than the agreed time.

Very simple and without having to inform the bank, a classic installment loan is payable. So here we just balanced the amount that is in the set, with the help of corresponding deposits. This means that the respective account is then led in the credit. Who wants to use the Dispo again, of course, can put into action. However, it is also possible to ask the bank to take the overdraft facility granted back so that it is in the future accidentally no longer feasible, slipping into the target.

If, however a classic installment loan, it is advisable to first check with the credit institution concerned at what height the overdue outstanding balance amounts. As soon as the exact amount is known, the said total amount can be transferred to the credit account. The loan is then paid off.

By contrast, it looks a bit different with a mortgage loan. First, it must be clarified whether this is a loan with or without a fixed interest rate.

In the latter case, it is usually readily feasible to replace the loan at a time earlier than the contract. Since there is no interest rate setting, the bank will not incur losses due to lack of interest payments. Thus, no prepayment penalty is usually payable here.

However, if a fixed interest rate was agreed in the contract, the situation is somewhat more difficult. Here, it is usually the case that first of all the bank has to be asked whether it agrees to a premature repayment of the loan. In addition, it must also be clarified whether and, if so, in what amount, a prepayment penalty must be paid for this. If the bank raises such a fee, it must always be included.

If the old loan with a new loan with favorable interest rates replaced, should be calculated in advance sure whether the interest rate advantage, despite payment of a prepayment penalty, pays off. Accordingly, here is an early redemption of the old loan only makes sense if a certain interest income is still present even after deducting the prepayment penalty.


A premature loan repayment is not always possible but in most cases. The process of replacement varies depending on which loan type it is.

It should be noted that early repayment may be subject to prepayment penalties. This is often the case, for example, with a mortgage loan with a fixed interest rate. Here then it is important to calculate well in advance whether the replacement of the old credit is worthwhile in such a case.

Borrowers who are not sure whether a premature loan release is possible, read in this regard best after exactly in their loan agreement. There is usually specified exactly whether this is feasible or not. As an alternative or in addition, it is of course also feasible to inquire directly with the bank. During the interview, if desired, you can also immediately ask for the determination of the exact remaining amount of the debt.